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Kenji "Diabolito" Brown... Welcome to the Family!

You know the old saying, "the more the merrier"? Well, that's how I feel about dogs. Having one (Daisy) was great! Adding a second one (Sid) was really fun! So why not add a third dog?

How much more fun could it get? And so that's just what happened! We brought home a second Beagle, and named him Kenji. He was small and cute with the most beautiful markings around his eyes, like eyeliner. He had the most innocent expression on his face. Of course it was love at first sight! Such a Sweet Boy!

Now you're probably asking where did we come up with the name Kenji?

Well, Kenji is Japanese for intelligent second son; strong and vigorous, and the name, Kenji, fits him to a T! He was super smart (too smart at times), loved to run, loved to pull Tommy on his skate board, and he LOVED to torment Daisy!

He was a bit smaller than Sid, and his coat was black and tan with the same speckling in his white portions of his coat. He had more energy than all the rest of the dogs put together! And you know, if you're a dog owner, all that energy can definitely be a recipe for trouble! And it was!

Not long after getting Kenji, he earned the new nickname... Diabolito (little devil). And believe me.... he came by it honestly. He was a little rascal. He tormented Sid and Daisy non-stop. He chewed on Sid's ears, and pawed and barked at Daisy while she was sleeping peacefully under her blankets. So much barking and growling! Nonstop! Needless to say, Daisy had very little patience for our little sweet Diabolito. She took to her dog raising duties once again like she did with Sid, and did her best teach Kenji how to behave and play nice.

LESSON 1: Puppies take a lot of patience

Of course, Sid was the perfect big brother. He was patient and tolerant of Kenji's behavior and they soon became inseparable. Kenji loved his big brother! You could always find them together (with Kenji on top of Sid). It's kind of funny... we got Kenji so Sid would have someone to play with and leave Daisy alone... But by the time we got Kenji, Sid had settled down, and Kenji just tormented both of them!

LESSON 2: There is NO guarantee that a second dog will fill the needs of the first dog!

Kenji was my second grand Beagle; and in the beginning, I struggled to develop a relationship with him, like I had with Sid. Back then, I was not the person or student of dog behavior that I am today, so I definitely struggled with our relationship or lack of a relationship.

LESSON 3: Every dog will teach you what you need to learn about yourself!

I eventually bonded with Kenji but that didn't happen until he was about 3 years old. It took me that long to truly appreciate the differences between Sid and Kenji! I'm grateful for Kenji as he has taught me how to have fun, be playful and not take life too seriously!

LESSON 4: Each dog is an individual as each human

Thanks Kenji for being you... an Angelito and a Diabolito all rolled into one beautiful soul! And for teaching Grammie about the importance of raising a puppy!

- - Pawsitive Gratitude

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