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My Journey.... In the Beginning.... Part I

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

In the beginning, there were no early morning walks, no unmade beds, no dog hair in my bed, no poop to clean up, no unannounced farts, no waking up to loud snoring at 2 am, no food and water bowls to wash, no vet visits to pay for, no dog food to buy, no toys to step on, no running home at lunch to take the dog out, no interruptions throughout my day....

But there was also no happy dances when I came home, no soft wet noses snuggled up against my neck, no warm wet kisses on my cheek, no wiggle butts, no mind-melting stares penetrating my soul, no warm bellies to rub, no happy smiles that told me I was the best, no silly playtime to make me laugh, no Tongue out Tuesdays to enjoy, no Instagram friends to learn from and share with, no Pure Joy to be experienced, and no Best Friends that loved me just the way I am!

It's funny how one small thing can impact your life in such a huge way and redirect your focus and path. Yes, just one small thing.... like one small Chihuahua?

I wouldn't change one thing about my life over the past 11 years, since I first brought Daisy home with me from North Carolina. Having her in my life has definitely made me a better person... a more balanced person.

Daisy was originally my son's dog. While he was in the Air Force, he was stationed in North Carolina. He got Daisy when she was only 8 weeks old. She actually fit into my son's hand, she was that small.

I first met Daisy when she was just a few months old... she was so very small and so very cute!

About 3 years after my son got Daisy, he received orders to go overseas. He was torn between taking her with him or leaving her behind. He knew the trip overseas would be stressful and he wasn't sure where he would be living once he got over there. So...he asked me if I would take care of Daisy while he was overseas.

At that point, I just went into solution finding mode, making plans to go get her and take care of her for my son. Without hesitation, I said, "of course" and then made plans to fly out to North Carolina and pick her up. It never really occurred to me how this one small solution for my son and Daisy, would profoundly change me and my life forever!

My mom (who is not a dog or animal person at all) came along with me to get Daisy and bring her back out to California. We flew out to North Carolina and then drove my son's SUV, with Daisy, 2732 miles across the United States back to California. It was one of the best road trips I've ever taken!

I purchased a dog car seat for her and she road in the backseat without a whimper, whine or bark the entire trip. She had no accidents in the car or in any of the motel rooms that we stayed. At night she would curl up at the foot of my bed and go to sleep. She was a perfect road trip partner!

Each night (in the middle of the night) during our trip, she thought she would share her cuddles with my mom, and she would jump from my bed to my mom's bed. I'd hear the little sound of her landing on my mom's bed and then hear my mom say, "Daisy Mae, you know I don't want you sleeping with me!" I would laugh and then get up and grab her and bring her back to my bed where she would stay for the rest of the night. This became her ritual each night. It was hilarious. I think she thought she could wear my mom down.

With Daisy in the car, I stopped more frequently. She loved checking out each new rest stop along the way! I always joke and say that she left her mark across seven states!

The only time she ever made a peep of any kind, was when she growled at the California border patrol officer as he stuck his head in the window to ask if we had any fruit or produce we were bringing into the state. Luckily he had a sense of humor and just laughed at her. Which she then replied back by wagging her tail and wiggling her butt for him.

Daisy is not your typical high strung barky Chihuahua. She is a very happy and friendly dog. My son did a great job socializing her during her puppy years, by taking Daisy with him and allowing her to meet a lot of new people and experience many new places.

She is also pretty good with other dogs and has no problem setting boundaries and making corrections, even with larger dogs. She has helped raise several puppies over her life, and although she is not the nurturing, loving, cuddling type when it comes to other dogs or puppies, she is very good at teaching them proper manners on how to play and what boundaries mean.

I love her! And she changed me and my life for the better! I am so grateful for the life she and I share.

Daisy always helps me find an Attitude of Gratitude... Thanks Daisy!

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