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Good-Bye 2019.... Hello 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 gets ready to greet us… I decided I wanted and needed to share these thoughts with my IG family! I love my IG Friends & Family! You all are some of the most supportive and generous people I've ever met (virtually😁)

Not long ago, I received a direct message from one of my IG followers. They wanted to let me know that although they loved my account, they felt that it was in their best interest (mentally & emotionally) to unfollow @PawsitiveGratitude They told me that they loved that I showed the truth about what's happening to dogs (💔)… but that they were becoming depressed from following accounts like mine, so they felt the need to unfollow me. They wanted to make sure that they would not get hurt and lost in their heads with these negative thoughts. I was very touched by their message. But while reading this message something occurred to me that I had not thought of before…

How DO people handle these never-ending, gut wrenching, soul-sucking, and heartbreaking posts day after day? How are they affected by this daily barrage of awful negativity in its darkest form? How does one keep fighting the good fight (being a voice for the voiceless) and not get jaded, depressed, callous, and negative after seeing these posts day after day?

I want you all to be healthy, emotionally and mentally, and I know sometimes the posts that I share are difficult… (sometimes they are beyond difficult).

For the follower that decided to reach out and let me know they were not able to continue to follow me… well, this follower happened to be 12 years old. Let me say that one more time... TWELVE YEARS OLD!

This absolutely broke my heart. I never stopped to think about the fact that I have some young, very impressionable people following me! I can't imagine being 12 years old and seeing these awful heartbreaking posts day after day! I know what it does to me… I can't imagine what a heavy burden and the hopelessness they must feel at times….

Perhaps some of you may have noticed, that I do step away from all of this crazy negativity at times. I have to take time to breathe. I have to find my center and happy place. I would be no good for my own dogs if I didn't take a step back now and then and re-center my emotions.

My healing and reset button from all the negativity is to walk dogs early in the morning. Nothing helps to start my day in a more balanced place than a great morning walk with my pack. I also love learning and sharing about dog psychology and the science that goes into understanding our dogs and their needs, so attending classes and weekend workshops with some of the most wonderful behaviorist and trainers, is also a great way for me to reset my focus.

What I really want to share.... is if YOU EVER need to talk or share how you're feeling about things going on with one of the posts, or just in general, please feel free to DM me. When we talk about how #ittakesavillage …… it's not only for networking the at risk dogs, but for supporting one another too!

And to anyone who follows me, and not just my account, but others that also post some of the ugly truths about what's happening to our companion animals and environment, among other heavy topics, please take care of your mental and emotional health. Self care is so very important for all of us!

I think it's important for people to understand the truth, but do not let it consume you. YOU ARE NOT PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE! THEREFORE, YOU ALONE, SHOULD NOT CARRY THAT BURDEN AND WORRY!

Please balance your Instagram feeds with Pawsitive accounts that make you smile and laugh. This is very important! Do not allow yourself to become consumed with all the negativity… find something that genuinely makes you happy… and follow that account! There are so many wonderful funny IG accounts out there.

I have made a mental commitment to provide a more balanced posting format this next year! I want to continue to share and network at risk dogs, but I also want to provide more posts about the Pawsitive things that happen too! I will probably use this blog for some of those posts as they can get a bit long for IG.

I would love, for those of you who have favorite IG accounts that make you smile each day, to please share those accounts in the comments of the IG post about this Blog Post because we can all use some laughs and smiles!

Happy New Year - Pawsitive Gratitude

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