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Please submit this on my behalf. Written on Monday, November 12, 2018

Hi, my name is Tommy. 

My mother has shared with me how much you have all reached out with your support for our family so I felt compelled to write a little about what has happened over the last few days as well as thank you all for your support.

The last 3 days of my life have been devastating. In the span of three days we have gone from a house of five dogs to a house of two. Two of them are no longer with us and one has been removed from our home and quarantined.

Saturday morning while we were volunteering with Animal Compassion Team, we received a call from one of our neighbors that our dogs had been involved in a fight with each other. The two larger dogs (Ellie and Zeke) had apparently (most likely during play) escalated things to a dangerous level and attacked my eldest beagle, Sid. He was bitten multiple times on his back, chest, leg, and head.

We rushed home when we heard the news. As soon as I got in the driveway I bolted out of the car and in to the house to find my injured dog. Upon entry three animal control people were trying to lasso a confused, and by that time, docile Zeke. Ellie was curled up confused and scared on the couch and Kenji, my youngest beagle, came running out of my room scared.

I was sure on the ride over the he was the one injured and was surprised to see him unharmed. The animal control people alerted me that they had loaded my injured dog in to their vehicle. I ran out and demanded the vehicle door be opened. I jumped inside a dark metal holding chamber to see my bleeding and scared Sid curled up in the corner.

I swooped him up in my arms and sprinted to my car. When I went to load him in the back seat my youngest, Kenji, jumped in as well to ride with us. Apparently, in this confusion, Ellie managed to run out the door as I left to take Sid to the emergency vet. The police tried to tail her but lost sight of her.

I drove as quickly as I could and will admit I ran a few red lights on my way to the emergency vet. I kept telling Sid to stay with me as I drove like I never had. When I got to the vet and when they were able to examine him it originally looked bright. The vet thought he had a chance to make it. This unfortunately fell apart over the next two days. The stitched skin around the wounds began to die and he was not healing. He was in pain.

Ellie was found the next day. She had made it about three and a half miles from our house and was hit by a Ford Pickup truck on the freeway. Her injuries were extremely severe and due to the trauma and pain she was experiencing the best thing for her was to be put to rest.

Today around 5 a.m., Sid "Vicious" Brown left us. He wagged his tail when he saw us and wanted to get up so bad but I had to keep him down because of his injuries. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I spent a few minutes saying my goodbyes, hugging and crying on him. I called for the vet. I wrapped my arms around him, held him tight, and told him how sorry I was that I was not able to protect him. I told him how much I loved him. I told him how much he meant to me. I let his brother, Kenji, smell him and say goodbye.

I then asked for the vet to end his pain and cried harder than I ever have. Then I let Kenji smell that his brother was gone.

I had lost faith in social media a long time ago, which is why I don't have it. I am so grateful and blown away by the support you have all given me and my family. I want to thank each and every one of you for everything you have all donated trying to help Sid. He was my special boy. He loved everyone and every animal. He was a kind gentle soul who will be missed not only by me but by many.

Kenji and I are still here, trying to pick up the pieces and we are so grateful for all of you.

I don't think this hole in my heart will ever go away. There truly wasn't ever and never will be a dog like Sid. 
Tommy Brown


  1. Even though I knew I would cry, I read every word you wrote and just wanted to say how truly sorry I am that these unimaginable events happened to you. I hope writing this has helped you to heal even just a little. Even though we wish we could, we can’t always be there to protect our babies, we can just give them the best possible life while we have time with them. From your words and your Moms posts, it’s so clear that Sid and the rest of your pups had an amazing life together and knew that they were loved unconditionally. Please know that, even though we are strangers, there are a whole lot of us out there right now who are thinking about you and hoping for the best for you and your family - both the two and four legged members! Please stay strong and give Kenji a hug and kiss from me!

  2. Hugs to you all. Love and light.

  3. Dear Tommy,

    thank you so much to publish your letter. I read it with a lot of tears rolling over my face. I feel very sorry for you what happend with your buddy Sid. Through your mother's Instagram account I followd the whole tragedy. Hereby I will send you a lot of faith to deal with this horrible situation. A warm hug for you, Kenji, your mother and family From Italy. "Un abbraccio"

    Nancy Gagliardi

  4. Sending love and prayers to you and your mom during this time of grieving and healing.❤❤❤

  5. Beautifully written.....tragically heartbreaking. That hole in your never really goes away. About 9 years ago we had to put my very first dog to sleep.....I'd had him for almost 18 was easily the hardest thing I've ever had to experience and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. The hole never leaves you....but as times goes on, the edges seem to soften somehow. There's no right or wrong way to just trudge through the days picking up the pieces and one day you realize it doesn't quite feel like trudging anymore. My hope is that eventually you and your family can find your own peace with everything that happened. Sending warmest thoughts.......

  6. Thank you for sharing! This whole thing is absolutely heartbreaking. I can't begin to imagine the pain you and you all are feeling. Know that so many people are sending love and light your way. ~Peace


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