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In the Beginning... Part I

In the beginning, there were no early morning walks, no unmade beds, no dog hair in my bed, no poop to clean up, no unannounced farts, no waking up to loud snoring at 2 am, no food and water bowls to wash, no vet visits to pay for, no dog food to buy, no toys to step on, no running home at lunch to take the dog out, no interruptions throughout my day....

But there was also no happy dances when I came home, no soft wet noses snuggled up against my neck, no warm wet kisses on my cheek, no wiggle butts, no mind-melting stares penetrating my soul, no warm bellies to rub, no happy smiles that told me I was the best, no silly playtime to make me laugh, no Tongue out Tuesdays to enjoy, no Instagram friends to learn from and share with, no Pure Joy to be experienced, and no Best Friends that loved me just the way I am! 

It's funny how one small thing can impact your life in such a huge way and redirect your focus and path. Yes, just one small thing.... like one small Chihuahua?

I wouldn'…