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How Zeke Became My Heart...

In March of 2014, my family saved a dog from getting hit by the city bus, just in front of our house. The dog was a black unaltered male bully breed mix, a bit on the thin side, was wearing a choke collar and had a few scratches and scars on him.

My son worked all weekend networking with friends and family through emails and other social media sites, attempting to find his owner, or a rescue or someone who could take him.  He posted pictures, and contacted our local lost and found animal sites.  He even took him to our local PetSmart to have him scanned for a micro chip.  None existed.

During our search for someone to take him, we reached out to many of our local rescues, but each time we were told that there was a very long wait list (sometimes months). We were learning very quickly about how overwhelmed the rescues and shelters were for resources to help these dogs.

I was feeling a bit hopeless. I didn't know what we could do for him. We couldn't keep him, as the timing was ter…