My First Grand Beagle... Sid Vicious Brown

I remember the first time I saw him... he was so small! He was just a little brown ball of fur with a smushed face. My son had given me Daisy when he left for Okinawa and now that he was back (and she had become my dog 😊) he wanted a dog of his own. He had decided on a Beagle this time. He came home with Sid.  He was the cutest little brown fur ball. I fell in love with him instantly. Daisy... not so quickly! She had lived with other dogs in her 8 years but she was now used to being the only dog and wasn't so keen on a new puppy.

Eventually Daisy took to her doggie duties by teaching Sid how to play nice and not too rough. Through his first two years, he tormented her trying to get her to play with him, and she would grab him by the jowls and shake him, letting him know to settle down. He had the most mournful Woowoowoowoo whenever she scolded him. They were so entertaining together and she showed so much patients with him. But they also loved each other. He always wanted to sleep near her. Each night he would follow us into my room to go to bed next to Daisy, but a little while later he would softly paw the door so he could go find his dad.

Sid was a fun puppy with an independent stubborn streak. He had the prettiest golden eyes and the most unique coloring (especially for a Beagle). His coat was dark brown on his back with various other shades of brown and tan and then speckling in the white areas of is fur. He was beautiful!  Correction... He is beautiful. He has the most serious look on his face and he always seems to be "All About Business".

I call him Sido, because all of the other dogs have two syllable names or nicknames (Daisy, Kenji, etc.) I love him. He knows me as Grammie... and I love it!  Crazy huh?  I most likely will never have human grand-kids, and that's honestly ok with me. No one should have children to make someone else happy or fulfilled. But I'm so grateful for my Fur Babies... my own dogs and my grand Beagles... and my newest great grand nephew, JJ... but he's a different blog post!

Thank you Sid for helping Grammie find Gratitude in her Attitude! You're the Best!


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