Here comes Trouble... My Diabolito!

You know the old saying, "the more the merrier"? Well, that's how I see it with dogs. Having one (Daisy) was great!  Adding a second one (Sid) was really fun! So why not add a third dog? How much more fun could it get? And so that's just what happened! We brought home a second Beagle, and named him Kenji. He was small and cute with the most beautiful markings around his eyes, like eyeliner. He had the most innocent expression on his face. Of course it was love at first sight! So Sweet!

Now you're probably asking where did we get the name Kenji from? Well, it's Japanese for intelligent second son; strong and vigorous. And just let me share with you, that name fits Kenji to a T! He is super smart (too smart at times), and he loves to run and he especially loves to pull my son on his skate board. He's a bit smaller than Sid and his coat is black and tan with the same speckling in his white portions of his coat. He's got more energy than all the rest of the dogs put together!  So you know if you're a dog owner, all that energy can definitely be a recipe for trouble!

Not long after getting Kenji, he earned a new nickname... Diabolito (little devil). And he came by it honestly. He was a little rascal. He tormented Sid and Daisy non-stop. He chewed on Sid's ears, and pawed and barked at Daisy while she was sleeping peacefully under her blankets. So much barking and growling! Nonstop! Needless to say, Daisy had very little patients for our little sweet Diabolito. She took to her dog raising duties once again like she did with Sid, and did her best teach Kenji how to behave and play nice.

Of course Sid was the perfect big brother. He was patient and tolerant of Kenji's behavior and they soon became inseparable. Kenji loved his big brother! You always found them together (with Kenji on top of Sid). It's kind of funny... we got Kenji so Sid would have someone to play with and leave Daisy alone... But by the time we got Kenji, Sid had settled down, and Kenji just tormented both of them!

Kenji is my second grand Beagle. In the beginning, I did not have the same close relationship with him as I did with Sid. Oh, don't get me wrong. I loved him, he was cute! But I would have preferred to not have another puppy. We have bonded just like I did with Sid, but our connection came a bit later down the road, but I'll save that story for another blog post! For now, I'm grateful for Kenji as he has taught me how to have fun, be playful and not take life too seriously!

Thanks Kenji for being you... an Angelito and a Diabolito all rolled into one beautiful soul! And once again I find Gratitude in my Attitude!


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